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Dyslexia  –  Functional Life SkillsSpeechMulti-Sensory Learning



“creative, intuitive, original…  independent thinkers…

imaginative, big-hearted, generous”

“when [ADHD] is managed properly,

it can become a huge asset in one’s life.”

~ Dr. Ed Hallowell, author of ADHD 2.0 and the Delivered From Distraction Series

“The first step to a better life with ADHD is to learn all you can…

The more you understand… the better able you will be to build on the strengths and unique traits.”

​Knowing the science

helps you support your child!

​Let go of shame & live joyfully.

“Individuals younger than 17 must display at least 6 of 9 inattentive and/or hyperactive impulsive symptoms.”
​Dr. David Rabiner, Research Professor,  Duke University

Does your child consistently display six or more of these traits?

Too quick in their work

Makes careless mistakes

Difficulty sustaining attention on routine tasks

Disorganized, messy

Poor time management

Reluctant to engage in tasks

Easily distracted (and/or hyper-focused)

Loses or misplaces pencils, books, personal items

Restless or fidgety

Often interrupts or completes other people’s sentences

Difficulty waiting in line

​​ADHD diagnostic criteria checklist

Where there is a child with ADHD there is a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle!

1 in 5 Americans learn differently!  You are not alone!

Begin a family conversation. Discuss positive strategies you can implement.

Top Pick!

Informed research for nutritional guidance, ADD brain exercises,
study tips, life skills, & parenting help!

#2 Top Pick!

Solid information with an ADD brain presentation!

Share videos with family members to help them understand your child.

How to ADHD is dedicated to ADD/ADHD brains and their parents, partners
and teachers – and to remind them, that they are not alone.   ~ Jessica McCabe


A resource to empower parents through observation discovery and connection.

Rise Above ADHD

Family and Individual ADHD Coaching.

​”Dedicated to coaching individuals and families impacted by ADHD to calm the chaos while instilling optimism for their future.”

Learning empowers you to be proactive!  More about ADHD.

ADD online assessment for the ADDults in your life!

Barbara Arrowsmith: The Woman Who Changed Her Brain (This is a fantastic YouTube TED talk!)
​With a Masters degree in School Psychology and personal experience, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is the Creator and Director of Arrowsmith Schools and the Arrowsmith Program, one of the first practical applications of neuroplasticity for the treatment of learning disorders. ADHD / ASD / ALL AGES.

Homeschool Resource Room  – excellent articles on multiple types of special needs and building executive functioning skills

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities Visualize the possibilities for outdoor sensory play, accessibility, and safety.

How to Stop Arguing and Start Talking with Your ADHD Child By Dr. Robert Meyers (Empowering

Natural Remedies for ADHD: How to Augment Treatment with Medication​ Omega-3 fatty acids. Behavior therapy. Zinc. Brain training. High-protein, low-sugar foods. Medical professionals recommend a range of natural remedies for ADHD that, paired with medication, may help treat symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder naturally.

Panic Buttons: How to Stop Anxiety and Its Triggers
Thirteen simple, everyday solutions to calm anxiety and stop panic attacks before they spiral out of control in your ADHD brain.

The Difference Between ADD and ADHD  Comparison of ADHD Types and associated methods for evaluation and treatments.


The Distraction Series Driven to Distraction, Recognizing and Coping with ADD, and Delivered from Distraction  by Dr. Ned Hallowell

ADHD 2.0 by Dr. Hallowell & Dr. John Ratey

Give Your ADD Teen A Chance: A Guide for Parents of Teenagers with ADD, by Lyn Weiss

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, by Kolberg & Nadeau


Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) – Advocacy and support group.​


Signing Hope – YouTube channel ASL covers of Disney and My Little Pony songs.  Signing Hope Social Media Links

Bill Vicars ASL – Beginning words.  No Sound!  Just signing! Closed caption recommended.

20 Basic Phrases for Beginners

Auditory processing disorder – APD

“Escaping the Hidden Prison of Auditory Processing Disorder | Angela Loucks Alexander | TEDxTauranga” on YouTube


APD SUPPORT – a series of self-paced, online learning modules to improve auditory skills

Pride Reading Program – Homeschooling with Auditory Processing Valuable tips, strategies, resources and curriculum.

What is Orton-Gillingham? Learn more about this multi-sensory, structured literacy approach to reading.  Applicable for various Learning Differences, such as Dyslexia, ASD, ADHD and struggling readers.


​​Parent Recommended!


The Autism Helper – low cost or free

Leveled and adapted downloadable curriculum, mini video training lessons for educators, and a blog series.  Encouraging, positive resource!  Excellent reviews from parents.

Parent Recommended!

“Families who choose to homeschool do not do so lightly…these families sacrifice careers, time, and money because they believe their children have a better future than most educational institutions are willing to help them achieve. We must empower these families to reach that goal and press forward in our efforts to make homeschooling a more accessible school choice.”

Peggy Ployhar
Founder & CEO | SPED Homeschool


Helping Your Child with Autism Thrive – Parenting Tips, Treatments, and Services That Can Help. Online article with additional resources and references on page.  (Last updated Dec 2017.)   By: Melinda Smith, M.A., Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., and Ted Hutman, Ph.D.

What is Triggering Your Child’s Outbursts. Excerpt from the book The Autism Revolution, by Dr. Martha Herbert and Karen Weintraub to identify triggers and help parents discover effective responses.

How to help your child calm when they refuse strategies from Express Yourself NC

Parent Recommended!

The Homeschool Resource Room

​Reading Programs for Dyslexia

​Sanity Saving Activities for Children with Anxiety

The Executive Functioning Checklist

Learning Differences and Bullying

ADHD / Autism / and more…

101 Great Resources for
Homeschooling Children with Autism

Articles, blogs, books, and support groups for parents!

Apps for students.



​A Safe Space sensory room helping students with autism focus and learn (or here on youtube) at Hanover Elementary from Edutopia.  Could you create an area in your home like this?​

Reinforcement Techniques – reinforcing appropriate behavior to extinguish inappropriate behavior.   From Autism Training Solutions:  Differential Reinforcement video by Emaley McCulloch

Don’t know what a reinforcer is?  See Sasha Long’s video #10, How to Identify A Reinforcer and how you can use it to help your child.

The Autism Helper – very low cost or free leveled and adapted downloadable curriculum, mini video training lessons for educators, and a blog series.  Encouraging, positive resource!  Excellent reviews from parents.

iPad gives voice to kids with autism. 2012 CNN news article. By Supraja Seshadri

Creating Outdoor Environments.  A comprehensive 8-page article on Outdoor Environments for Children with Autism and Special Needs and how to create them. From, Implications Newsletter, Vol 9, Issue 1.   And from Home Advisor – creating a backyard sanctuary for children with special needs.  Ideas for outdoor sensory play, accessibility, and safety.  Good pics to help you visualize possibilities.

FireflyFriends Blog –  This blog is a collection of “Real life stories, issues and experiences of day to day life by special needs parents and healthcare professionals.”  Am delighted to have discovered their product line which supports “special needs family participation” with Mobility Devices, Playpaks, UpSee Accessories, and more!  (Plus FREE shipping to the U.S.)

Special Home Educator –  Jenny Wise shares her journey of educating a daughter with special needs.  Her resource page links to a few other autism resources not listed on our site.

Lego® therapy for autism spectrum disorder from Raising Children Network


​”Homeschooling provides the flexibility to mix and match resources, tools, and curricula for children with Down syndrome. In fact, homeschool has multiple benefits for kids with special needs including:

  • The ability to school at a time of day when they’re most attentive (even if that is at night!)

  • Being able to stop and start instruction as needed during the day, with frequent rest breaks.

  • The opportunity to change methods, programs, or approaches when something isn’t working well.

  • The ability to schedule therapies (if required) during school hours.

  • Self-paced learning

  • Using curricula that matches their preferred learning style

  • Fewer distractions in the learning environment

  • Unlimited accommodations while learning”  [END T4L QUOTE]

​​”Based on the excellent classical Christian education provided by Highlands Latin School, our curriculum has been adapted especially for students with significant special learning needs.”

“Even as we work on concrete skills with specialized therapies, we can remember the child’s mind, imagination, character, and soul.”

​~ Cheryl Swope TOS 2017


37 Symptoms of Dyslexia (PDF)

Dyslexia Resource Center for Parents – Advocacy and empowerment for parents.

Parents Guide to Online Virtual Schools for students with Dyslexia

Consider apps that support a screen reader, text magnifier, or use an audio recording tool.

Quantum Camp has developed online courses for visual science and math learning  ​Parent Recommended!

National Center for Learning Disabilities – Research and advocacy for specific neurological disorders such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia.

Parent Recommended!

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Choose from Online Mentors, Learning Camps, or in-person Learning Centers

“Our evidence-based programs develop the skills necessary for reading and comprehension.

We believe all students can learn to their potential—including those previously diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, or autism spectrum disorder.”

Parent Recommended!

Dyslexia Gold

$16.00 for the screening test

$8 – $32  / month for engaging learning supplements


Parent Recommended!

Math Skills Resources:  Math-U-See with integrated manipulatives

Teaching Textbooks – math app with step-by-step audio/visual solutions.

Mr. D Math video tutorials & interactive online classes for grades 6-12.

Homeschool Curricula for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia by Katie Glenn of Katie’s Homeschool Cottage

A former homeschool mom of two neuro-divergent boys now grown!  


Parent Recommended!

Functional Life Skills Bundle

Life skills instruction combines academic, daily living, occupational, and interpersonal skills to teach students how to live and work in the community.”

Monthly units, weekly goals, includes checklists, assessments, charts, and more.

From Teachers Pay Teachers





Webinars / Research / Resources


​Using only four zones can help a young child quickly identify their emotions in order to implement regulation strategies.

The Zones Book!

Love the great articles on Social Emotional Learning and Emotional Regulation!

Read more on Express Yourself NC


Resources are all Parent Recommended!


All About Learning – Easy to teach. Easy to learn.  Color-coded letter tile system. Mastery based.  Once concept at a time.  Spelling and reading programs to improve proficiency. Multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham instruction.

Fat Brain Toys – Sensory products for children with special needs (choose a specialty or browse all products)

Kaplan Early Learning CompanySensory Learning Solutions to enhance learning through sight, sound, and touch.

Lakeshore Learning Products for Special Needs:  ADHD / ASD / Dyslexia / Speech and Language

LinguiSystems – Provides quality materials for speech-language pathologists, learning disabilities teachers, special educators and others who work with students and adults with special needs.

Tobii DynavoxTech –  Supplier of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices (AAC), for improved communication with non-verbal or partially verbal learners.

TherapyShoppe – sensory toys and learning aids for children.


Chris Ulmer is “Normalizing the Diversity of the Human Condition” by providing a platform for individuals and families from the neuro-diverse community across the world to share their experiences.

Special Books for Special Kids Youtube Channel   3+ million subscribers in 115 countries.  Powerful!

More resources for neuro-diversity under Multi-Sensory Aids below.


Parent Recommended!  Speech Buddies  A list of free online speech therapy games.

Speech Buddies Connect helps you locate therapists.

And they have created an app called Bitsboard “that allows anyone (educators, education companies like Speech Buddies, and even parents) to customize fun, visually pleasing, and versatile games around a given theme.”

Parent Recommended!  Interactive Speech Therapy Video series for parents and children by Ashely Sellers, Speech Language Pathologist YouTube channel: SpeechLanguageBeyond

This is a link to P, B, M, N Articulation Drills on SpeechLanguageBeyond

Share the resources you love so we can learn and grow together!

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