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  • Create a personal account.
  • After your account creation you receive an email containing a verification link.
  • Verify your email and log in to your new account.
  • Fill out a New Student Registration Application for your student.
  • Submit the Registration Application with a $25 non-refundable application fee.

ANNUAL ENROLLMENT: Select Annual Enrollment when prompted.

SHORT-TERM ENROLLMENT: Select Short-Term Enrollment when prompted. Short-term is for one semester or less. Use this option when enrolling after January 1 (for second semester) or if enrolling for only one semester in the fall.


Your application is reviewed for acceptance into our program.

Upon acceptance you will receive an email with a link to complete the Enrollment Packet.


We are a California PSP and do not accept students residing outside of the state of California. We accept traveling homeschoolers who maintain a California residence.

A parent or guardian must be available to instruct or oversee instruction for their child. If a parent or guardian is not available to instruct or supervise instruction, we cannot accept a student application.

Branson Academy is a homeschool umbrella program providing administrative support. In rare circumstances, if our services cannot properly support your family, your application will not be accepted.


PSP fees are paid after your student is officially enrolled.

When the New Student Registration Application is accepted you will receive an email notification to complete the admissions process.

To complete the admissions process fill out and submit an Enrollment Packet.

The Packet includes an Enrollment Acknowledgement of:

  • Our services to help you in every way we can!
  • Your agreement to facilitate the instruction of your child.

​Information from the New Student Registration Application is auto-filled on the Packet. This allows you to check prior information entered for accuracy.

An immunization record or statement of non-immunization is required after enrollment if not included in prior school records.

Login to your new Family Portal Account and click on the Apply/Enroll link.

Your student is officially enrolled in Branson Academy PSP when the Enrollment Packet is submitted!

Exit the Enrollment Packet to set up a payment plan.

Payments for enrollment are managed through FACTS. Parents set up a personal account and may choose to pay in full or with monthly payments.

New Student and Annual Enrollment fees are paid after your student is officially enrolled, according to the payment date and schedule you select.

Monthly payments are not available for Short Term Enrollment.

After the enrollment packet is submitted

  • Receive our getting started email
  • Access parent resources
  • We’ll take care of your student transfer
  • We’ll set up your records
  • If you have any questions or need assistance contact us by email or phone 831-726-3235.​

We want you to have a positive and sustainable homeschool experience! Use my Calendly ​​to schedule a phone visit. And, choose a coaching package for extra support.

Enrollments submitted after business hours or during a holiday ​or weekend receive official confirmation the next regular business day.

Transfer students: The registration form authorizes a records request from a prior school which usually includes an immunization record.

​A shots record or statement of non-immunization will be requested if not included in prior school records

New Kindergarten: copy of immunization record or statement of non-immunization

Prior homeschool student: copy of immunization record or statement of non-immunization and prior homeschool records if possible.

The immunization record may be uploaded with the Enrollment Packet.


Immunizations are not required for homeschool students.

Under Senate Bill 277, as of January 1, 2016 personal belief exemptions are no longer permitted in California.

An amendment to that bill exempts students of home-based instruction and students enrolled in a private school satellite program such as our PSP who do not receive in-person classroom-based instruction.


This is simply a written statement by the parent and is used only for our annual statistical reporting to the state.


​We are required to annually track and report number of students and number of vaccinations to the Immunization Department of the California Department of Public Health. No personal identifiers are reported to the state.


  • year round umbrella covering in our private school satellite program
  • parent consults
  • records transfer to and from our program
  • dual enrollment processing
  • high school credits tracking
  • transcripts and report cards
  • annual photo ID card
  • entertainment work permits
  • abundant parent resources for a successful homeschool experience!

​What is not covered?

  • Parents are responsible for providing instructional material
  • There is a separate fee for a high school graduation processing and diploma
  • Coaching packages are billed separately

There are no other Enrollment Fees.
​Graduation processing, coaching packages, and additional transcripts are charged separately.

Additional “costs” for homeschooling
How much you spend to homeschool your child depends on your budget. Any online classes, curriculum, private tutors or lessons, instructional material and supplies are all costs associated with homeschooling and are paid separately by the parent/guardian.

​(Branson Academy does not offer courses or curriculum.)

A short term enrollment is one semester or less for students enrolling mid-year or for one semester

First Semester: August 15 through January 31

Second Semester: January 15 to July 31

A student may enroll at any time during first or second semester for short term enrollment.


During transitions due to moving, traveling, or special needs

December/January graduate

Transitioning from public/private school mid-year for second semester

Fill out the registration application as directed and select Short-Term Enrollment when prompted. You may add additional information in the comments section to help us better understand your needs.

Short Term Enrollments are paid in full after your student is enrolled.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. We will help you determine how best to accommodate your needs.

Continuous enrollment means a seamless process for parents.

Guaranteed placement in our program for the next academic year.

No need to complete a new registration or enrollment form for each year.

Branson Academy is a California PSP.

We accept enrollments for traveling homeschoolers who maintain a primary California residence.



ALL STUDENTS: $25 application charge paid with the online Application.

​Plus $75 new student registration processing* paid after enrollment.

* The new student registration and application fees are one-time charges and are non-refundable.


Grades K-6: $500/yr

Grades 9-12: $590/yr

SHORT TERM ENROLLMENT (One Semester or Less)

Grades K-6: $350

Grades 9-12: $425

Middle school students who are taking high school courses pay high school rate.

The annual enrollment and new student registration fees are paid after enrollment. Monthly plans are available. ​We have contracted with FACTS to provide flexible & secure payment solutions. Parents set up their own payment plan. You will not be charged FACTS service fees or credit card processing charges.

Enrollment covers your student from August 1 to July 31 each year.

Official High School Transcript included at graduation free
One official transcript included for your personal records at graduation and uploaded to Parchment for college admissions e-transcript exchange.

Transcripts ordered and sent electronically through Parchment are free
UC and CSU now require transcripts sent electronically through Parchment, Common App, or by USPS certified mail.

Digital transcripts for Dual Enrolled H.S. Students emailed to community college are free

When charges apply:

$29.95 per each Official Transcript mailed USPS Priority to college or university

$25.00 per each additional Official Transcript for personal use mailed USPS Priority

GRADUATION COSTS 2024-25  $150


OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT mailed to student and uploaded to Parchment for college admissions e-transcript exchange

DIPLOMA with cover and graduate gold foil seals



 Graduation fees are one-time, non-refundable charges paid prior to shipping diploma

There are no fees for transfers to or from our PSP.

No Worry Thirty Day Refund!
For enrollments paid in full for the year or semester, contact us within thirty days of enrollment. Whatever the reason, we will gladly refund the full enrollment paid, minus the one-time non-refundable new student registration and application fees.

If you are on a monthly plan, the first month enrollment fee would be refunded minus the non-refundable new student registration and application fees. After the first month, monthly enrollment paid covers the time you are enrolled.

Ready to Enroll?

Follow these steps to register and enroll.


  • Go to the ​Admissions Online Portal
  • Create a personal account
  • Fill out the registration Application
  • Submit Application ($25 fee)

Watch for an acceptance email to access the Enrollment Packet forms


  • Start the Enrollment Packet
  • Exit to set up Payment Plan
  • Return to Review Packet.

  • Submit

Your student is officially enrolled when the Enrollment Packet is submitted!

Learn more about what happens after you enroll.


We provide extensive lists of curriculum providers, educational supplies and resources to explore along with guidance on what works for different types of learners.

You have the freedom and flexibility to choose resources to meet the needs of your child and family.

We do not sell books or courses.

​Read How Do I Choose Curriculum?!


​Parents create their own study plan for their student.

Think of it as a ​flexible outline modified to meet your child’s needs. We call this the Annual Study Plan.

Step by step instructions are on the parents resource page to help you.

Upload a study plan within thirty days of enrollment.

​Annual Study Plan form is here.


​Every three months (we call these quarters) parents upload a quarterly report and work samples to their online student folder.

All forms and instructions are online for quick and easy reporting.

​Learn more about Reports and Forms here.



​Shape how learning looks for your child!

​Parents provide instructional material for their child. In addition to one-on-one instruction, consider group classes, private tutors, online courses, and educational resources tailored to meet the needs of your child.

​Enjoy a flexible study schedule that fits your family.

We support all learners!

​Parents of self-directed learners, unschoolers, and students with special needs submit an outline based on possible intended instruction, then follow up with a progress report on the actual learning that took place. Please contact us if you want to know how this might look for your learner!

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