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Homeschool high school with total peace of mind!

As a veteran homeschool parent, I know you want solid support for the complex details of transfers and transcripts, along with genuine interest and guidance for you and your student.

That’s what we do!  And we’ve been doing it well for twenty years!

Our parents love the peace of mind of expertly maintained student records and college ready transcripts.  We have provided diplomas and transcripts for amazing homeschool graduates who matriculated to the UC and CSU system, private colleges and universities, numerous community colleges throughout California, and the U.S. Military.  Now it’s even easier to request free transcripts for college admissions via Parchment, our partner in e-transcript exchange.

Have questions? We’re here to assist year round with free phone consultations.

Dual enrollment and early graduation?  We’ve got you covered!

Mid-year enrollment? Yes, you can!

Our flexible year round program allows you to facilitate the instruction of your student at their own pace like J.L. who finished her high school credits in a semester by studying two courses each quarter. Or R. J. who mapped out four to five courses per quarter and finished two years in one. Or V.S. who preferred five years of college prep and matriculated to U.C. Berkeley with honors.

For additional support and accountability choose an optional homeschool coaching package and teen mentoring so you can enjoy a successful homeschool experience with your high school student.

Come homeschool with us and enjoy the journey!

Cynthia Simunovich, Founder and Director



Our Path to Early Graduation (PEG)  meets California State Education Code 51220 – 51228 requirements for high school graduation.


A student must complete all requirements for Standard Four Year Plan to be eligible for a diploma.

H.S. level courses completed during Grade 8 with a B+ or higher may be eligible for high school credit.

It is important for parents and students to understand that course credits and GPA will appear on the student’s high school transcript.



A student must be at least sixteen years of age or have received admission to a university to legally graduate from high school. (CA Ed Code)

Students in the PEG plan usually begin high school coursework in Grade 8.

Gifted students who demonstrate proficiency may accrue credits earlier.


The Standard Four Year Plan meets California State Education Code 51220 – 51228 requirements for high school graduation.


Students must complete a minimum of 20 credits as required by California Ed Code to be eligible for a diploma.



Transfer students must be enrolled in Branson Academy for a minimum of one year and have a credible transcript or other proof of prior credits.


The College Prep Plan exceeds the Standard Four Year Plan which meets California Ed Code 51220-51228 and is patterned after admissions guidelines for most universities.

We provide a college prep checklist, resources for college admissions, and offer a dual enrollment option.


A student must complete a minimum of 24 credits which meet college prep or UC transfer credit requirements.



Students who complete Honors or AP courses substantiated by AP Exams will receive an Honors seal on their Diploma.

Learn More About Core Requirements & Courses

  • At least one course must meet or exceed Algebra 1.

Four courses recommended for UC transfer.

Students who complete Algebra 1 in middle school complete two other math courses during grades 9-12.

An exemption is made for special needs students or those on the Accelerated Ed Plan.

Courses may include: Personal Finance/Budget, Consumer Math, Algebra through Trig, or Math for STEAM or other math disciplines.

  • Biology required for UC transfer; lab course strongly recommended.

    Other course suggestions include Astronomy, Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology and Stewardship, Geology, Human Anatomy, Marine Science, Chemistry and Physics, or other Science courses.

  • AP courses recommended for UC transfer.

    General course suggestions include English Lit and Composition, World Lit, Creative Writing, Research and Essay Writing, Shakespeare Studies, South American / African / Asian Literature, Public Speaking and Communication, Theater Appreciation, Playwriting, and Journalism.

  • U. S. History*
  • World History*
  • American Gov & Civics* (one semester)
  • Economics* (one semester)


Other course suggestions include History of Civil Rights, Elections and Constitutional Studies, Cultural Geography, Global Economies, Introduction to Philosophy, Political Science, Ethnic Studies, World Religions, Psychology, Sociology, Women’s Studies, and related AP Courses.

  • 2 years of same language recommended for UC transfer.

Courses may include Music, Art, Dance, Drama / Foreign Languages / Technology and Computer Science Courses.

Elective courses may include any of the VPA or Technology courses.

Other course suggestions are Home Econ/ Cooking & Nutrition, Drivers Ed, Urban Gardening, Emotional Health & Well-Being, Teen Health & Safety, Vocational Skills, Life Skills or other courses of interest to your student.

Exceptions made for persons with physical limitations which preclude Phys Ed.

Courses may include team sports, dance, athletic classes or personal exercise program.

May include one semester Health Ed.

Learn More About Graduation



  • Four Year Ed Plan = 20 credits
  • Early Graduation = 20 credits
  • College Prep* = 24 – 26 credits recommended


  • One credit (1.0) equal to one year, 36 weeks, or an average of 150 hours of instruction (4 hours/week for 36 weeks).
  • One half credit (.50) equal to one semester, 18 weeks, or approximately 60 – 90 hours of instruction.
  • Dual Enrollment (community college credit) one semester is equivalent to one full year high school credit.
  • Lab Courses usually equal approximately 180 hours of instruction with 30 hours of that total dedicated to lab work. One full year or 1.0 credit


Check your Student Transcript for:

  • Summary of Credits – including credits required / met
  • GPA – weighted / non-weighted
  • UC / CSU A-G approved coursework noted
  • Student Achievements
  • Community & Volunteer hours and activities
  • Year-round access for review
  • Updated each quarter

SAT / ACT Testing

​Branson Academy does not require testing for graduation.

SAT / ACT testing is not required for California high school graduation.

SAT testing is not required for community college enrollment.

Testing may be useful for university admissions as a metric to demonstrate capacities and skill levels.

A few top-tier universities, such as Stanford, actively recruit students who demonstrate focused, self- directed learning and exceptional intellectual and community achievements without fulfilling UC/CSU (a-g) requirements. In these cases a SAT/ACT could be most helpful.

Note: Post-Covid most universities waived the SAT/ACT test scores for admission. UC and CSU no longer use SAT/ACT as a pre-requisite for admission. It may be used for placement and/or course eligibility.

AP Courses and Subject Tests

Students may enroll in and receive high school credit for AP (Advanced Placement) courses.

To receive college credit a student must pass a SAT AP Subject Exam and request College Board to send official scores to their college.

Branson Academy School Code provided for SAT / ACT Testing.

Testing Dates are updated each year on our SAT/ACT page. Sign up on College Board and use our school code.

If you are not enrolled in our PSP use the homeschool code College Board provides for independent homeschoolers.


  • Two months prior: Submit Graduation Request Form Here
  • Two months prior: Pay for diploma/grad fees
  • Two weeks after final day: ​Submit final reports (or earlier if possible)
  • Approximately 15 days after final day: Receive diploma and grad package via USPS Priority Mail

Official transcripts are mailed after final grades are received and reviewed.

All Graduates receive a Diploma and Official Transcript

Students with special needs may receive either a regular Diploma or Special Diploma based on learning outcomes.

We partnered with Parchment – a leader in eTranscript Exchange!

Order your official transcripts FREE of charge through Parchment.

Transcripts are sent directly to the college of your choice.


Learn more about graduation  processing and diploma fees here


1.  Schedule final SAT / ACT test in the fall.

Use Branson Academy School Code.

Students can now provide a mobile number on test day and receive a text to download the Big Future School Mobile app on College Board. This allows students to access scores and quickly send to their preferred colleges.

Previously, students were required to request PSAT, SAT and ACT scores from their school counselor.  With the introduction of the mobile app, students will access their own scores directly.

If you opt out of using the app, contact us to receive your scores.

If you have a previous SAT or ACT score, we need the date, location and score for your transcript.

2.  Create a portfolio for your college application.

Your portfolio includes important items for your college admissions team, such as extra-curricular activities, honors and awards, a log of service learning and volunteer activities, and letters of recommendation.

Volunteer or Community Service. Include dates and hours.

Example: Grades 10/11. Boxing and food delivery to the elderly, two hours every two weeks.  Approximately 72 hours total.

3.  Write a Senior Essay or a personal essay detailing accomplishments, future dreams and goals.

4.  Request mid-year transcripts early.

We partnered with Parchment – a leader in eTranscript Exchange!

Order your official transcripts FREE of charge through Parchment.  They will be transmitted directly to your college(s) of choice.

If you are using Common App use our contact information for “school counselor”  and we upload the transcript to the Common App portal.

5.  Fill out online college admissions applications.

Check your college admissions deadlines and transcript policy requirements.

6.  Apply for financial aid if necessary and fill out the FAFSA.

7.  Two months prior to graduation fill out the Branson Academy graduation request form and submit your planned graduation date and information.

8.  Complete high school grad requirements!

Learn More About College Prep

Dual enrollment is a significant step in independent learning and jumpstarting a college education.

Dual enrollment is sometimes referred to as concurrent enrollment.

It means your student is enrolled in college classes at a local community college while still in high school.

Dual enrolled students receive both college credit and high school credit for completed coursework.

Grades affect both the high school transcript and the college GPA.

Learn more about How to Dual Enroll your student.